Top 7 Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Make Your Space Stunning

Do you want to get rid of the inefficient fixtures and outdated decorations that your bathroom has right now? Are you in for a bathroom renovation project? Do you want to renovate your bathroom in a budget-friendly way? If your answer to all these questions is “yes”, then there’s good news for you. We are here with some amazing bathroom remodeling tips that you can easily implement to make your bathroom stand out and shine bright! Read on.

1. Frame-up the mirror

You want to avoid spending much money, right? So choose a fantastic frame and dress up that builder-grade mirror. This will hide the age-related wear or flaking that happens around the edges, and give your entire bathroom a more updated look. Now, that’s what you want, right?

2. Update your toilet

Here’s some potty talk that you don’t want to miss! Are you planning to toss out the whole toilet set? Don’t! Instead, you consider just replacing the toilet seat and the lid. This will save you from plumber installation fees. Changing these two tops will work just fine and give your toilet a new and fresh look.

3. Don’t skimp on lighting

Your bathroom should be such that you can see clearly in it. Make sure that you choose a lighting style that makes the space all the more welcoming as well as refreshing at the same time. The light fixtures need to be moisture-proof. Also, remember to pay attention to the energy usage of the lighting, as the right choice can make a significant difference to your power bill!

4. The right furniture

Want to upgrade your old and tired vanity? Try looking for antique and vintage dressers at flea markets. It’s quite simple to cut out the space so that you can seal the drawers and hide the plumbing. Set a sink on it and be the owner of a stunning bathroom!

5. Change the tiles

From wall tiles to floor tiles – these can make your bathroom renovation pop. What kind of ambiance are you trying to create? Which size tiles do you want? What will be the color scheme? Ask yourself these questions. Tiles come in glass, porcelain, ceramic, clay, and natural stone. Do some research and make the right choice for your bathroom.

6. Paint it up

Do you know how powerful the impact of a pop of colorful paint can be? Well, if you coordinate with a detail such as you tile work, it can bring a completely new dimension to your bathroom. Yes, it can raise the glam quotient of your bathroom to a much higher degree!

7. Add a touch of luxury

Let’s tell you a secret. Splurge on some high-end materials and finishes and make your space look incredibly luxurious! This is a good investment indeed. Add these to a small portion of your bathroom keeping your budget in mind, and see how the entire look of your bathroom has changed.

Keeps these tips in mind and we’re sure you’re going to have a stunning bathroom!

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