Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in making Your Home Super Organized

No matter how often we clean our homes, there are some areas that just never seem to stay tidy. While it’s true that no home is perfect, if you make the common home organizing mistakes that are discussed here, the process may become all the more difficult and time-consuming. Are you having trouble organizing your home? Fret not, we’re here to help! Look out for these common organizing mistakes and learn how to fix them.

A full refrigerator

Are you using your refrigerator as a landing spot for all kinds of papers? Is your refrigerator tacked with reminders, art projects, wedding invitations, letters, photos, shopping lists, magnets and notes? If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then let me tell you, nothing will make your kitchen look messier than this! What can you do to fix this? You can keep a clipboard on your kitchen wall with all the lists and reminders that you need. Once it’s full, don’t keep anything else.

A non-functional entryway

What makes an entryway special is the fact that it offers the first impression of a home. But it’s often covered with shoes, backpacks, coats and more. The solution? Put a basket by the door for tossing shoes inside it or rearrange the coat closet in the entryway where you can hang things.

Keeping things of regular use in your closet

Do you dream of having a chic walk-in closet? We all do! But before devoting a lot of space to high heels and baubles, think how often you really use them or use them at all. There are certain things that you wear on a regular basis, isn’t it? Those things need to be easily accessible. Do you use your running shoes every day? Keep those in the front. Wear your boots to work? Keep those out. Wear heels only on occasions? Stow those away.

Putting everything out of sight

Do you use the stand mixer in your kitchen every day? It’s okay to keep it on the kitchen counter. If you don’t return the items to their proper places after using, clutters occur. But that doesn’t mean you need to hide everything. Be clear about the items you use on a regular basis and keep them accessible.

Storing your clothing items horizontally, not vertically

Do you store your clothes in your dresser horizontally and not vertically? You are making a mistake. This way you’re not only losing a lot of storage space, but also making it difficult for yourself to find what you’re looking for. Store your dresses vertically and you’ll get what you’re looking for in seconds.

Avoid these organizing mistakes and have a home that offers a great first impression!

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