Our Mission

Today, we use technology for just about everything. Workilo's mission to build a community of Brooklyn’s home owners and professionals around our technology that makes the sale of home renovation services easy.


Workilo is dedicated to supporting our city of Brooklyn. The Workilo Assistant empowers local Workers to grow their business and streamlines project planning for the client.


Brooklyn is one of the most diverse places in the world. Did you know that more than 40% of our city speak more than one language? We’re thrilled to support our community!


Don't let the word "automation" scare you - make it work for you. Workilo keeps jobs safe by using helpful automation technology to support local Workers.


We celebrate and welcome innovation at every turn. Our Clients have great ideas and our Workers know just how to get them done!

Our Story

A couple bought their first home in Brooklyn, but found their excitement fading when they realized how much needed fixing. How much? Just about everything. They were confronted with the monster under the bed (and in the bathroom and behind the walls).

They needed help, but making all of their pinned ideas come to life proved difficult. Price, quality, and scheduling all varied depending on where they looked. They found no "one way" to find help. In fact, they found that many talented craftspeople also found themselves lost in this maze of marketing.

The solution was Workilo - a platform for local Workers and the Clients that need their help. Workilo makes it easy to plan, review, and book home renovation projects. If you’re a service provider or a home owner in need of services, Workilo is here for you. Interested? Join Workilo today!

Our Team

Pawel Walczuk Founder

Pawel holds a MSc from the London School of Economics and had worked for a major consulting firm. He has extensive experience with Digital Platforms and has helped launch health care exchanges in the U.S. His passion for technology combined with his desire to help workers led to the launch of Workilo's platform

Mayya Glushankova Co-Founder

Mayya graduated from NYU and launched her career as an entrepreneur. She has extensive experience with service platforms and helps making the Workilo experience the best it can be both for customers and service providers

Christina Chinnici Co-Founder

Christina holds a MS degree from University of College London. In her career she worked for CNN and TFA in media and technology roles. She co-founded Workilo with the goal to help educate workers on how to succeed in increasingly digitalized economy which she saw has left many people across the country behind


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