Our Mission

Today we use technology for just about everything. Our mission is to build a community around that technology, putting it in the hands of service providers and customers so that everyone can benefit from today's increasingly digitized world.


Workilo is dedicated to supporting Brooklyn’s community of both service providers and customers. Our platform allows service providers to grow and operate their business and empowers customers seeking inspiration and transparency for their home improvement needs.


Brooklyn is one of the most diverse places in the world. We’re thrilled to tap into our home grown talent and want to connect you to the men and women who’ve built this city.


As the age of automation spreads throughout each service sector, Worklio is committed to ensuring service providers can benefit from this technology, while empowering our customers to help sustain and grow small businesses in their community.

Innovation and Automation

At Workilo we celebrate innovation. We’re excited to bring you the latest technology available.

How Workilo was born

Workilo was born when two of the founders bought their first home in Brooklyn. Their excitement quickly evaporated when they realized just about everything needed to be fixed. The'd been confronted with the monster under the bed, in the bathroom and behind the walls...renovating.

Finding the right people to make their favorite Pinterest pictures a reality was incredibly difficult. There was confusion over prices, budget, quality, trust in the work, scheduling and the list got longer and longer. There had to be a better way to get the work done without turning over what was left of their bank account to designers and architects but unfortunately there wasn’t. In fact, during their quest to find great craftsman they discovered that there were many talented and incredibly hard working people that actually struggled to get noticed.

Out of the chaos that can be construction they came up with a solution, create a platform that enables customers and service providers to find each other and that’s what we’ve set out to do with Workilo. If you’re a frustrated home owner or a service provider looking to grow your business, WorkIlo could be the answer you’re looking for.

Our Team

Pawel Walczuk Founder

Pawel holds a MSc from the London School of Economics and had worked for a major consulting firm. He has extensive experience with Digital Platforms and has helped launch health care exchanges in the U.S. His passion for technology combined with his desire to help workers led to the launch of Workilo's platform

Mayya Glushankova Co-Founder

Mayya graduated from NYU and launched her career as an entrepreneur. She has extensive experience with service platforms and helps making the Workilo experience the best it can be both for customers and service providers

Christina Chinnici Co-Founder

Christina holds a MS degree from University of College London. In her career she worked for CNN and TFA in media and technology roles. She co-founded Workilo with the goal to help educate workers on how to succeed in increasingly digitalized economy which she saw has left many people across the country behind

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